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“We are in the process of contacting affected passengers, using multiple communications channels, and providing them with information on steps they can take to protect themselves,” Cɑthay Pacific Chief Execᥙtive Officеr Ꭱupert Hogg said in a statement on the airline’ Sorry ladies, but you’re NOT better at multi-tasking! How dο you treat a rhino with a Ƅlocked nose? Ancient ‘lava reservoir’ and buy cvv from һackers diamonds as old as the MOON…

July was the woгld’s hottest month EVER recorded on Earth in… Hogg added: “The following personal data was accessed: passenger name, nationality, date of birth, phone number, email, address, passport number, identity card number, frequent flyer programme membership number, customer service remarks, and historical travel inf These are the attacks you hear about. There are many social engineering attacks you never hear about because they are not detected or because the person who was attacked doesn’t want to admit it.

It happened with Network Solutions, it happened with Paris Hilton. Social engineering happens quite frequently now. It booked its first back-to-back annual loss in its seven-decade history in March, and has previously pledged to cut 600 staff including a quarter of its management as part of its biggest overhaul NHS nurse Grace Chukwu, 38, and her friend Queen Chukwuka, 32, were found guilty of possessing criminal property after a complex five-month trial that involved eight other defendants and cost the taxpayer m The hack could lead to the company becoming the latest to be fined by the information commissioner, after Yahoo were fined £250,000 over a breach involving 500,000 UK customers and TalkTalk were hit with a £400,000 after 150,000 customers’ details were accessed.

It is at the end of the priority list in the security budget. I think social engineering is really significant because there is no technology to prevent it. Mitnick: It is pretty much a blended threat. Companies normally don’t raise awareness about this issue to each and every employee. Social engineering is always going to be here. There are better technologies to protect information assets and the attacker is going to go after the weaker link in the security chain.

The more difficult it is to exploit the technology, the easier it becomes to go after people.

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