Wisconsin track coach accused of planting GoPro in girl's locker room

A high school track and field coach who is accused of hiding a GoPro camera inside of a towel to covertly record female students was arrested last Friday as he boarded a bus bound for a meet.

Brian Kitzman, 38, is being held at Rock County Jail on charges of possession of child pornography among other offenses.that Kitzman recorded 18 different teenage girls over a two year period. 

In addition to being a track and field coach, Game Casino Onlline Kitzman was formerly a swim coach for the Craig High School boys and girls team.Records show that he was hired by the school district since 2004. 

He has been suspended pending further investigation. Officials said that there is nothing in the coach’s history that would have prevented him from being hired by the district. 

The coach’s plot was discovered when a janitor at the school helped the student retrieve a lost towel that was in a locker that had a padlock labeled Craig High School.

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