Listening – Heart and Eye Health

Before the death of her, I quoted Ann Landers a good deal. She was, and remains, a seer that had a clear understanding of the human problem. She was often on the cusp of things. She was alert to her readers’ needs in addition to sensitivities. The way I wish I may well be a male Ann Landers! Her columns were constantly in response. She opened the doors to her followers to march in with their concerns and comments and also agonies. She never place anyone down.

She knew that all of us have warts and aches and vulnerabilities and hurts and needs. And, she were aware that all of us needs somebody who will listen. Erma Bombeck was like that. She managed to address with humor, but additionally with amazing wisdom. We need an Ann or sight care supplement ( an Erma today. We want someone who sees through all of the folly of the times of ours. We need someone who doesn’t need to make the most of our struggles and pain and heartaches.

We want someone who does not go on tv to sell us something or perhaps provide an invitation to post them money so we might be healed and promised outlandish results from the investment of ours in a postage stamp. We need authentic, caring, extremely sensitive individuals who have walked the road, stumbled through the stones, and also survived. I think there are individuals like that out there. In my opinion they’re persons who do not look for large audiences or depend on Nielsen ratings. I guess they’re the senior citizen supermen and wonder females of our times that understand how you can lift up us up and out. I guess they aren’t influenced by the advertisers of theirs or the public relations staff of theirs. They are deeply, truly worried about what it really takes to ensure it is from day to day. Find the somebody of yours who’ll listen. Then offer to somebody else your own ear and heart!

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