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There are some cases in the JF2 spec where the format of a particular data property can vary according to its contents. There were a few other cases where Yarns encountered errors with a Microsub client. Specifically, none of the activities measured to identify this centre are restricted by hard barriers; there is no organizational hierarchy or membership process for either participating in IndieWeb’s chat or building IndieWeb-related software. One indicator of this is that when I asked interview participants about how many hours per week they spent on IndieWeb-related activities, it was common for Elite Male Enhancement them to separate time spent in IndieWeb’s chat from actually working on software, websites, and other projects. IndieWeb’s balance between holistic and prescriptive technologies concerns not only the scope of what can be accomplished, but also the scope of who can participate in that accomplishment. And yet, I’m not sure I can think of a more literal representation of a view from nowhere than the network analyses and Elite Male Enhancement statistical topic models I used to describe IndieWeb’s community in Chapter 5. A myriad of rich and nuanced discussions is flattened into a short list of topics.

Chapters 4 and 7 also include responses from interviews, however interview participants’ backgrounds are especially relevant for this chapter. I have argued in Chapter 4 that IndieWeb’s principles represent shared commitments about desirable outcomes from building for the IndieWeb, as well as prescriptions that guide processes during building. IndieWeb’s POSSE approach is an attempt to leverage the reach of large corporate platforms without becoming dependent on them. To accomplish this, IndieWeb’s approach generally prefers simple, modular standards based on observed practice, Elite Male Enhancement only resorting to top-down standards where previous efforts have been unsuccessful. This is not an emotion I associate with the self-direction implied by IndieWeb’s stated principles, but one that derives from social bonds formed through working closely with other IndieWeb contributors. This in turn drew my attention away from how multiple concerns might relate to one another, excepting those that were computationally linked, for example by passing a variable from one function to another. Troubleshooting now required navigating multiple GitHub repositories, specification documents, and documentation, as well as communicating with a variety of other developers. Shortly thereafter, two statements were added to the Microsub specification.

Because the Microsub specification divides client and server, Yarns must now be paired with a client. Logging into a Microsub client requires granting the client permission to access the servers’ contents, which uses IndieWeb’s IndieAuth protocol. This type of thinking does tend to close off “critical” reflection since it requires an intense focus on just getting the thing to work. Instead, each photo is part of a parent post and/or album, which contains a privacy field indicating the intended audience.6 Therefore, determining the privacy status for a photo in Facebook’s requires one to check this parent. Second, the client/server division of this spec increases the feasibility for individuals to build their own reader software, or at least part of it. First, Microsub readers aim to facilitate individuals owning and controlling their feed reader experience. As described earlier in this chapter, that is what allows IndieWeb sites to parse incoming Webmentions (e.g. to display Bob liked this post or Elite Male Enhancement Bob replied to this post), and is also useful for software such as feed readers to identify and filter posts by type (e.g. to display a feed of only photos, or only replies).

During an early debate in IndieWeb’s chat, Çelik asserted that “optimizing for publishers over consumers has been a long-standing obvious design principle” because “there are far fewer programmers that write consumers rather than publishers.”20 Autonomy for individual website builders results in additional labour for “consumers” such as Yarns, which aim to make sense of a plurality of IndieWeb sites. Collaboration is implied in IndieWeb’s principles for building, Elite Male Enhancement but this is only codified as sharing documentation and source code. These process-oriented and outcome-oriented principles are closely related, and in fact co-constitute one another. In brief, designs devoted to privacy are unlikely to emerge from a development style in which individuals build whatever solution works for them and then figure out consensus after the fact. Microsub intensified the requirement for consensus because it is only useful when a client and server agree about how information is exchanged between them. In one case, an Microsub client for Android phones called Indigenous returned an error because it was expecting some properties to always contain an array, but Yarns returned them as a string. After an initial period of conceptualizing how the overall program should be structured, I found myself working on individual functions in isolation from one another.

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