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CANADIAN NEWS HEADLINES - July 17, 2014The world is constantly buzzing with Canadian News Today from every corner of the globe. Some events make headlines for days, while others are brief mentions. Here are some of the top news stories from around the world over the past few weeks. 1. Taliban Takes Control of Afghanistan: The Taliban, a militant group, took control of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, after US troops withdrew from the country. The takeover led to chaos, with thousands of Afghans trying to flee the country. The Taliban has promised to form an inclusive government, but there are concerns about human rights and women’s rights in the country.

3 days ago2. Hurricane Ida Hits Louisiana: On August 29, 2021, Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana, causing significant damage to the state. The hurricane, which was a Category 4 storm when it made landfall, caused power outages, flooding, and other damage. 3. COVID-19 Pandemic Continues: The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, with countries around the world reporting new cases and deaths.

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